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Inserso is an informational technology services organization with over 500 employees, more than 40 customers and over 200 completed projects. When Inserso started as a full-time business, we created the custom-build professional services automation (PSA) application used by all Inserso employees for core business activities, including: presales/opportunity management, time entry and expense tracking, project/risk management, resource allocation, company directory and library, client extranet, bug tracking, and extensive reporting. The Inserso PSA application increased organizational efficiency and allowed its teams to collaborate effectively through convenient knowledge sharing accessible across devices.

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comScore's Media Metrix provides insights into how digital audiences consume content across their devices through its global panel of of Internet users. After comScore expanded its panel data collection to include standard display ads, we created the advertiser reporting experience by building an advertiser/product dictionary, quick reports, creative insights, native ad collection and other advertiser features. We also transformed the ad classification process through cloud technology and crowdsourcing - and influenced corporate strategy to enhance its panel methodology with census data collection (see blog).

Display advertising webinars include: